FIVE Reassessment (10/19)

Dear OC Community:

On October 17th, we had our third FIVE lesson this year. Although due to IASAS we missed some great members of our committee but we still managed to have a great lesson. Almost everyone came on time this Friday which was nice. Special thanks to Ms. Hsu and Mr. Arnold for sponsoring the lesson:

Thanks for your hard work:

(12) Ameera A.
(12) Andrew H.
(12) Dylan C.
(12) Yi Chen C.
(11) Annie P.
(11) Brandon H.
(11) Bryan T.
(11) Edmund T.
(11) Eunice K.
(11) Gordon R.
(11) Hellen J.
(11) Jessica C.
(11) Jessica Y.
(11) Julia W.
(11) Justin C.
(11) Michael C.
(11) Mina K.
(11) Rishita G.
(11) Samuel B.
(11) Steven H.
(11) Sungrok S.
(11) Sunny C.
(11) Trisha S.
(11) Ye Chan Y.
(10) Caroline C.
(10) Daniel J.
(10) Harris C.
(10) Isabelle Y.
(10) Jing Yi N.
(10) Jonathan W.
(10) Michael W.
(10) Mitchell W.
(10) Stephen H.
(10) Thomas H.
(10) Tiffany M.
(9) Ariel L.
(9) Cassandra Y.
(9) Ruchel P.
(9) Stanford C.
(9) William W.
(8) Shereen L.

FIVE Chairperson 14-15
James L. (11)

Cathwel Boys Outing Reassessment (10/18)

Dear OC Community, On October 18th, we had our first Cathwel Boys’ outing of 2014 – 2015. Everyone had a great time bowling and playing games at E7 in the morning. Furthermore, the weather was really good so everyone had a great time playing sports at the Tienmu Baseball Park. We did not encounter any major problems and everyone had a fun day! Thank you to Ms. Shiao, Ms. Wang, Ms. Doddapaneni, Mr. Arnold, and Ms. Phukan for chaperoning our outing!

Thank you to the following people who attended the outing:

(Alumni) Liyip K.
(12) Angus T.
(12) Fion Y.
(12) Joseph M.
(12) Mariano J.
(12) Trina C.
(11) James L.
(11) Julia W.
(11) Samuel B.
(11) Zoie C.
(10) Alex G.
(10) Alexander L.
(10) Andreas Y.
(10) Christine L.
(10) Huiru H.
(10) Stephen W.
(9) Angeline L.
(9) Carolyn S.
(9) Melody C.
(8) Anne T.
(7) Yasmin L.

Cathwel Boys Chairpersons 14 – 15
Cindy H (12) and Jenny J (10)

HOL/Sweatshirt Halloween Sale Announcement (10/21-22)

Hi all!

The first Sweatshirt/HOL Halloween Sale will be held on October 21 – 22, 2014! We will be selling the OC designed sweatshirts, as well as Halloween decorations and costumes, ceramics, and cards. We will have two booths; one will be outside the D Block, and one will be outside the Lobby. The D block booth will be open from 10:35 am to 2:05 pm, while the Main Lobby Booth will be open for the entire day. In the D Block area we will only sell blue sweatshirts, but there will also be samples for every other type of shirt, so you can still buy it if you wish. Outside the lobby, there will be every type of sweatshirt ready for anyone who wishes to buy. Please check out our booth and support Orphanage Club!

Thank you!

Mina K.(11),
Sweatshirt/HOL Chairperson ’14-’15

Cathwel Boys Outing Announcement (11/1)

Dear Orphanage Club community,
On November 1st, we will be having our second Cathwel Boys outing of 2014 – 2015. For this outing, if it does not rain, we will go hiking in the morning, come back to TAS to eat lunch, and go to the small theater to play bonding games in the afternoon. If it rains, we will play bonding games at the small theater in the morning, eat lunch at the cafeteria, and then watch a movie in the afternoon. Orphanage Club members will meet at 7:30am in the lobby and buses to Cathwel will leave promptly at 8am. Members will need to bring 200 NT donations, 1 liter of juice, their own utensils, comfortable shoes, and an umbrella.
Cathwel Boys Chairpersons 2014 – 2015
Cindy H and Jenny J

Cathwel Babies Outing Reassessment (10/18)

Dear OC community,

On October 18th, we had very successful Cathwel babies’ outing. We had a wonderful morning and lunch at the Taipei Zoo. This time, we had both upstairs and downstairs babies go on the outing with us, and we did not encounter major issues since most of the babies were well-behaved. Special thanks to Ms. Annie Ma, Ms. Linda Chang, Ms. Mei-Ying Tseng, Ms. Su-fen Chen, and Ms. Shieh for chaperoning our outing and keeping everything organized and in place.

Thank you to the following members who attended:

(12) Isabelle G
(12) Joy C.
(12) Nina H.
(11) Hellen J.
(11) Eunice K.
(11) Mina K.
(11) Coco K.
(11) Rishita G.
(11) Jessica Y.
(11) Aaron C.
(10) Melanie C.
(10) Christine H.
(10) Charissa C.
(10) Michael W.
(10) Megan Y.
(9) Erica L.
(9) Ariel L.

Amy L. (10)
Cathwel Babies’ Chairperson 14’-15’

Publicity Reassessment (10/17)

Dear OC Community,

We had our second publicity workday on Friday, October 17th. We made Hunger Week posters, and it was successful because we had a lot of members. We were able to work efficiently by working on two posters at the same time. We also had people cut hunger week rice bowls.

Thanks to everyone who came to help!

(11) Jessica Y.
(11) Rishita G.
(10) Andrew H.
(10) Charissa C.
(10) Jonathan W.
(10) Michael W.
(10) Steven C.
(9) Melody C.
(9) Riya P.
(8) Shereen L.
(7) Jaclyn T.
(6) Cybill L.
(6) Melissa C.
(6) Nicole C.
(6) Rachel N.
(6) Vivian H.

Yours truely,
Jessica Y.
Publicity Chairperson 14-15

Cathwel Boys Outing Announcement (10/18)

Hello Orphanage Club community,

On October 18th, we will be having a Cathwel Boys outing. For this outing, we are going to the E7 Play Bowling in the morning to bowl, sing karaoke, and other activities. Buses will leave promptly at 8am. Members will need to bring 200NT donations, 1 liter of juice, their own utensils, an umbrella, and socks. For lunch, we will come back to TAS and have lunch in the lower school cafeteria. If the weather allows, we will bus to the Tienmu Baseball Park near school and spend around one to two hours there. If it rains, we will stay in the Small Theater and play bonding games. After that, we will leave school at around 3pm and return to the Cathwel Orphanage.
Cindy Huang and Jenny Jang
Cathwel Boys Chairpersons 2014-2015

Chungyi Outing Reassessment (10/5)

Dear OC Community,

Our second outing this year was super successful. The members and the Chungyi kids had fun bonding while playing at E7 Play and Beitou Metro Games Resort. At the end when we were leaving E7 the kids were begging to stay but alas to no avail! Also from the new restaurant we ordered a few different dishes that the kids absolutely loved and savored like the pork chop. It was very delicious. In the afternoon, the kids split in two groups for different activities. Younger kids played games in the Kindergarten cave, while older kids played sports in the Gym. Near the end of the outing, we had pudding and ice cream to sum up the day.

Johanna C. (Ms. Wang’s daughter)
9 Angel L.
9. Clarence A.
9 Elyse T.
9 Melody C.
9 Ruchel P.
9 Tiffany C
10 Andrew H.
10 April C.
10 Gerald F.
10 Gracie S.
10 Jenny J.
10 Kai Jing N.
10 Michael W.
10 Serena K.
10 Stephen W.
10 Steven C.
11 James L.
11 Samuel B.
11 Zoie C.
12 Angus T.
12 Celine T.
12 Sabrina T.
12 Tiffany W.
Alumni Liyip K.

We would also like to thank Mr. Arnold, Mrs. Koh, Ms. Wang, Ms. Chang, Ms. Chien, Ms. Tseng, and Ms. Yang for being awesome chaperons for this outing!

Junior C. and Sonya H.


Publicity Reassessment (10/3)

Dear OC Community,

On Friday, October 3rd ,we had our first publicity workday of the school year. We were able to make the rice bowl poster for the upcoming Hunger Week, and it looks very nice. However, in the future, we would like more members to take interest in publicity workdays and come help out! Thank you to Mr. Held for lending us his room.

We would like to thank the following people who attended the publicity workday:

12 Dylan C
11 Rishita G
10 Andrew H
10 Charissa C
10 Steven C
9 Melody C


Yours truly,
Publicity Chairperson 2014-15
Jessica Y (10)